RJ Hawk for State Representative, District 81



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The focus of my campaign will be standing against government overreach and pushing back against threats to our personal liberties. Big government should not force health care choices on individuals


As city councilman, I spoke out against mask mandates. I focused on how we can make government more efficient and responsive to the people, all the while holding the line on spending and taxes. This will be my focus as State Representative.

RJ Hawk was elected without opposition to the Bryant City Council. His focus while serving on the City Council has been to find ways to increase pay for our police and fire departments, as well as create new opportunities for business to come to Bryant.

Having another opportunity to possibly serve the people of Saline County at the state level is very exciting. District 81 encompasses an area in which Hawk won every precinct during 2020 election cycle.  "I look forward to re-engaging my friends, neighbors, and community to listen to their concerns." Hawk continued.

In addition to public service, giving back to the community through charitable work is an emphasis RJ and his family has been heavily involved in. Hawk has led fundraising efforts for both the Bryant and Central Arkansas Boys and Girls Clubs. He's also been active with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the American Cancer Society.

"I've always believed to have a strong community and state we have to give back. I've been fortunate, and I want to see people given a hand-up, when they need one.” Hawk said.


Hawk is a radio personality appearing on KABZ 103.7's wildly popular morning drive time show, as well as a local real estate agent for Clark & Co Realty. He and his wife Brianna have a four-year-old daughter, Addison, and a three-month-old son, Austin. Hawk is a staunch Republican and an unapologetic supporter of the 2nd Amendment. In his spare time, he enjoys hunting, fishing, and calling High School sports on local radio.



I have been  outspoken against mask mandates and I will fight against big government and big business infringement on our personal liberties.

RJ Hawk Limited Government

As a Bryant City Councilman, I focused on how we can make government more efficient and responsive to the people, all the while holding the line on spending and taxes.

RJ Hawk Investing in Education
RJ Hawk Investing in Education

Quality Education

We must invest in a world class education, focused on preparing students for their next step in life, not indoctrinating them with a radical far-left  agenda.  

RJ Hawk Protecting Second Amendment

protecting 2nd amendment

As an avid outdoorsman and a lifelong member of the NRA. I am an unapologetic defender of our 2nd Amendment Rights.

RJ Hawk Pro Life Republican

Pro-Life Republican

I am a Pro-life Republican and will vote to protect life from the earliest stages.  Protecting the most

vulnerable among us is part of our fundamental duties.

Limited Government

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